SimpleCoverCreation (Free Course)

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A Beginners Guide to Creating Low and No Content Book Covers Using Canva


  • Learn How I Make Book Covers Using Canva
  • Great For Beginners and Advanced KDPers
  • Learn Tips & Tricks I Use To Create Covers
  • FREE Course ( Please Use Coupon Code: FREE )

List of modules:

#1 Overview and what to expect
#2 Tools that you will need
#3 Overview of Canva
#4 Overview of TangentTemplates
#5 Overview of CreativeFabrica
#6 How to upload fonts to Canva
#7 How to get the right dimensions for your book cover
#8 How To Create an AWESOME book cover
#9 Conclusion & Thank You

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SimpleCoverCreation (Free Course)

200 ratings
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